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For Bozeman homes, go to the expert: Colette Diamond

About Colette

Colette Diamond previously lived in the neon city of Las Vegas.  A beautiful city, but a city.  Full of concrete and asphalt.  Houses built too closely together, one identical housing development after another.  Crowds.  Pollution.  Crime.  Freeways.  Gridlock.

After helping countless Las Vegans find their dream homes, Colette decided it was time to find her own dream.  And that dream was Montana.

The Big Sky Country of Montana.  Nature at its most brilliant. Pristine air.  Long grass blowing in the gentle breeze. Bubbling creeks meandering through the endless prairie. Buffalo grazing peacefully in the valleys while rugged mountains frame the whole majestic picture.  Montana was calling to them, and the Diamonds knew they were home, really home.


…Watching wild, spirited horses chase a herd of elk off the mustangs’ unspoiled grazing pasture

…wild deer standing unafraid at the top of a craggy, weathered mountain or quietly grazing in a ripe meadow

…sandhill cranes calling to each other and then flying off in a prehistoric style for some secret rendezvous

…listening to the sounds of laughter as modern-day explorers bound down the Yellowstone River in plumb, canary-yellow rafts

…hearing and seeing raptors of all kinds – owls, hawks, golden eagles – circling high in the sky, looking for prey as they have done for ten thousand years

… and hearing coyotes howling in the night with a huge golden moon looking down

If any of these picturesque scenes speak to you, to your dream of life as an individual rather than a member of the rat race, as it did to the Diamonds, then you owe it to yourself to Live the Dream.

The Diamonds believe it so strongly that their real estate company is named Diamond Real Estate Associates of Montana (DREAM).  Now it’s time for them to help you find your dream in the majesty of Montana.  Time to grab that dream just like the Diamonds did!

Are you ready to experience Montana’s natural, quiet beauty and the peace that it offers?  Reach for the dream.  Live the dream.   DREAM.